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Question: I have almost non-stop buzzing in my ears which has gotten louder over the past few months. Lately, I get occasionally momentary spasms of dizziness along with some pressure in my forehead.  What is scary about a second after tha occurs I hear what sounds like the crackling of glass  breaking in my left ear. Please help me understand the buzzing in my ears before I lose my sanity

Answer: First of all, as always, our answers are meant to be generalized information that should not supplant the care of your physician.

Tinnitus is a common symptom that affects millions of Americans.  Some studies have shown that everyone will hear some tinnitus or “phantom noises” if in a quiet enough sound proofed space.  However, any new onset or change in tinnitus should be evaluated, as it can be, rarely, a sign of a worrisome or treatable medical condition.

While many medications have been tried for tinnitus,  little has been proven effective.   There are newer treatments attempting to habituate the hearing nerve to (get the ear to tune out) the sounds.

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Dr. Neil Sperling is a fellowship trained neuro-otologist who has specific expertise in this and other hearing and ear problems- and can be seen in consultation in our office.

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Robert Pincus MD