About Dr. Corinne Horn | Cosmetic Surgery NYC

NYOG Facial Plastics center patient

Why choose Dr. Horn?

Dr. Corinne Horn focuses on harmonious results that fit the rest of your core features. She will personally evaluate you and determine what the best treatment or combination of treatments is appropriate. She will also evaluate your medical history to be sure you are a candidate for cosmetic surgery. While plastic surgery is increasingly common, it is still surgery, and every precaution should be taken to assure safe anesthesia, and meticulous intra- and post-operative care. She works only with Board-certified anesthesiologists in accredited operating facilities.

Dr. Horn will discuss at length all the risks, benefits, and alternatives for different treatments and surgeries. She will show you realistic and achievable results using computer imaging to morph your photographs. This is the beginning of your cosmetic dialog with Dr. Horn–an excellent communication tool to ensure your intended surgical goals are clear and that natural results will be achieved. Furthermore, she has extensive expertise in the area of nasal surgery and can evaluate associated symptoms of facial pain, pressure, headaches, frequent sinus infections and nasal obstruction, all of which can be treated simultaneously with cosmetic nasal surgery. If these symptoms are left untreated, they may be exacerbated by cosmetic nasal surgery.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery is the reconstruction and repair of physical deformities that may be present at birth or caused by injuries, disease, or aging. The goal of facial plastic surgery is to restore and improve both function and appearance by removing or repositioning facial tissue. This may be achieved by several techniques, including surgical incision and excision, electrosurgery, dermabrasion, and chemical application and injection.

Realistic Expectations are Important

It is important that you have realistic expectations regarding facial plastic surgery. Surgery can improve your appearance or correct a physical dysfunction, but it will not result in an entirely new face. The goal of surgery is simply to restore function, or to enhance appearance and improve facial harmony and balance. Facial features can be refined but not totally changed. Furthermore, facial plastic surgery will not solve personal problems or give you a miraculous transformation into an absolute perfection. You should not expect to be a totally different person, this is beyond the reach of facial plastic surgery.

Surgical procedures and their recovery can be somewhat variable among individuals. Unlike a trip to the gym or beauty salon, you must expect temporary swelling, discoloration, and other minor discomforts. You must realize that surgery is not an exact, predictable science. The scope of improvement may not live up to all of your expectations. Surgical success depends not only on the surgeon’s skills, but also on your age, health, skin texture, bone structure and specific needs.


Dr. Horn is an incredible person and doctor. Her consultation was helpful and she was very informative, answering a long list of questions I had. I had to have 3 surgeries done the same day, coordinated with another doctor, and it was much easier than I imagined. I also had her personal email and cell. Surgery went flawlessly..had a rhinoplasty and barely any bruising. She called me everyday for 3 days to check up on me (while she was on vacation) after surgery. My nose makes me happy everyday and I just had my final follow up with her! At this point, Dr. Horn seems like more of a friend than doctor. Her staff is sweet and friendly and organized and I would do the whole thing a million times over if I had the opportunity!

Dr. Horn is A GREAT DOCTOR. If you use or want to use botox, you should go to her. She did exactly what I asked her to do–make me look NATURAL, but younger. She is extremely professional, yet caring. I would have any procedure done by her, because she exudes confidence in a non- pretentious way, and every time I have been to her I have LOVED THE RESULTS