Head and Neck Surgery Rehabilitation - NY Otolaryngology Group

Mouth Cancer Diagnosis

In the treatment of head and neck cancers, quality of life issues has become paramount considerations in the development of a treatment plan. Dr. Krevitt works closely with several head and neck surgery rehabilitation therapists to devise a treatment plan that is ideally designed to support each patient’s full and healthy recovery.

Side Effects

Side effects from treatment will vary according to the procedure and follow-up therapy. Patients may experience such simple side effects as swelling and soreness in the mouth to more severe effects as loss of ability to chew, swallow, and speak. Other surgeries may cause a noticeable change in a patient’s appearance. These changes can be minimized with the use of micro-vascular reconstruction of surgical defects, as done by The NY Otolaryngology Group.

Post surgery care

Maintaining proper post-surgical nutrition is vital for each patient’s successful head and neck Surgery rehabilitation. As surgery often disables proper chewing and swallowing, Dr. Krevitt works closely with nutritionists to ensure that patients receive adequate sustenance, typically smaller meals composed of soft foods rich in proper nutrients. NYOG has a team of swallowing specialists to help in this process.

Speech-language rehabilitation

Speech-language pathologists are deployed for their skill at rehabilitating the ability to swallow and at restoring a patient’s ability to speak. Our speech-language pathologist offers a variety of therapies from simple exercises that strengthen the tongue to the use of supplemental aids that replicate speech, common after a laryngectomy.

The New York Otolaryngology Group also works closely with leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons, when patient outcomes require such specialty care.