Halo Hearing Aid - NY Otolaryngology Group

The smartphone age is helping hearing aids get smarter — and even more customized. The Halo Hearing Aid can use a unique connection between your iPhone and a tiny receiver to help you hear better in a crowded restaurant, at work, on telephone calls and more.

Halo Hearing Aid Technology

The Halo Hearing Aid is made by Starkey Hearing Technologies, relies on a two-part system. First, there’s a hearing-aid receiver — a tiny device that rests on top of the ear. Second, a free smartphone app from the App Store called TruLink™ Hearing Control. TruLink™ works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Through a wireless connection, the Hearing Aid and app can help overcome obstacles that would normally interfere with clear hearing. Halo™ is designed to:

  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling sounds
  • Increase reception of high-frequency tones (like kids’ voices)
  • Detect how noisy your surroundings are and help you adjust accordingly
  • Switch easily between settings when your needs change throughout the day

Halo Hearing Aid Benefits

Halo™ is a flexible hearing aid option that can:

  • Help you clearly hear calls, and stream them from phone to hearing aid
  • Stream FaceTime calls to your hearing aid
  • Play certain music to your hearing aid
  • Help you make out sounds in crowded, noisy environments

The Right Choice for You?

Halo Hearing AidTo see if the Halo™ hearing aid would suit you, you can schedule an appointment with us. After asking you about your medical history, we’ll test your hearing and tell you which hearing aid option(s) could help you best. From there, we’ll help fit and set up your hearing device to meet your needs.