NY Otolaryngology Group - NY Voice Center Links

American Medical Association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA is the largest society of speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech and hearing scientists in the world. It serves as a regulatory agency that provides credentials for professionals, research on normal and disordered communication, and p

American Stroke Association

The ASA is a division of the American Heart Association that supports research and media regarding strokes and rehabilitation after a stroke.

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation supports research and public education regarding this neurological movement disorder which can affect voice and speech.

National Center for Voice and Speech

The National Center for Voice and Speech is a leading institute that provides services for patients with voice and speech disorders, and for professionals who serve them. Their website provides a wide range of information about voice and speech.

National Institute of Health

Also, the National Center on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) provides support for research and public information on disorders that affect communication.

Stuttering Foundation of America

The Stuttering Foundation of America provides resources and support to people who stutter and their families, and supports research on stuttering. They are the first and largest nonprofit organization in the world working towards the prevention and improv

The Voice Foundation

The Voice Foundation is a leading non-profit organization that promotes research and public education about voice disorders.