Swallowing Evaluation NYC - NY Otolaryngology Group

Swallowing evaluation typically includes:

Consultation with an otolaryngologist: An initial medical exam by an ear-nose-throat doctor to rule out any medical conditions associated with the throat and swallowing.

A clinical swallow evaluation: Eating and drinking trials to determine any possible signs or symptoms of a swallow disorder. This includes any issues in the mouth or the throat.

A flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES): A state-of-the-art exam in which a tube is placed in the nose to view the swallow in the throat during drinking and eating. We also investigate whether swallow function improves when swallow techniques are introduced. This test can offer you insight into the underlying cause(s) of the possible swallowing problem and can assist in developing an immediate treatment plan.

Sensory testing (FEESST): This exam is performed along with the FEES in order to determine the sensation or sensitivity of the larynx. It helps us determine whether you will effectively feel food or liquid that gets too close to the airway.

24 hour Transnasal esophageal pH testing with Impedence Testing: This test measures both acid and non acid reflux from the stomach into the esophagus.

Restech intranasal pH testing: A revolutionary, minimally invasive test that measures acid reflux via a probe placed in the back of the nose.