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Hearing Loss Treatment

The NY Otolaryngology Group Hearing & Balance Center provides diagnosis, prevention advice, care, and specialized hearing loss treatment. Dr. Sperling and his team have expertise is in treating and diagnosing Otitis MediaOtosclerosis, Conductive Hearing LossCholesteatoma, Meniere’s Disease, Sudden Hearing Loss and Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease.


The most common childhood illness, ear infections are painful and can cause permanent hearing loss. Often, antibiotics to fight the infection will make the earache go away rapidly, but recurrent infections may need other hearing loss treatments. Learn more about the treatment for Ear Infections (Otitis Media)


One cause of conductive hearing loss is when an abnormal growth surrounds the tiny vibrating bones of the middle ear. Hearing loss due to otosclerosis is reversible, in most cases, with a surgical procedure known as a laser stapedotomy.  Learn more about the treatment for Otosclerosis


Cholesteatoma is a benign tumor caused by the build-up of skin cells and protein from the ear canal behind the eardrum. If the cholesteatoma is small and hearing loss remains at acceptable levels, then microscopic cleaning may be performed. For a more advanced cholesteatoma, a surgical hearing loss treamtent may be needed. Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove cholesteatoma and infections from within the mastoid bone. Learn more about the treatment for Cholesteatoma


Perforations or ruptures of the ear drum are usually caused by an injury or repeated infections. By repairing the tympanic membrane and/or the ossicular bones, the conductive mechanism can be re-established and hearing restored. Learn more about the treatment for Ear Drum Perforation


One cause of conductive hearing loss is ossicular chain discontinuity or malformation, the result of which is the loss of transmission of sound from the ear drum (tympanic membrane) to the inner ear. In a surgical procedure known as ossicular chain reconstruction, the ossicluar chain is re-established.  Read more about Ossicular Chain Reconstruction.


Autoimmune inner ear disease is a rare disease and most doctors are unfamiliar with this disorder. Dr. Sperling has extensive experience treating this uncommon condition. A steroid called prednisone is most often prescribed to suppress the immune system and slow the attack on inner ear structures. Intratympanic steriod injections offer a potent addition to treating this condition. Learn more about the hearing loss treatment for this condition


While there is presently no known cure for Meniere’s Disease, which occurs when there are excess fluids and pressure in the inner ear, Dr. Sperling and his team at NYOG specialize in alleviating the symptoms of the disease, with treatment tailored to your specific case. Most cases can be greatly improved with treatment. Learn more about the treatment for Meniere’s Disease


An otolaryngologist will work with you to find the specific cause of your tinnitus, your doctor may be able to offer a specific treatment to eliminate the noise. Some other hearing loss treatments are: mindful meditation, hearing aids, cochlear implants or electrical stimulation, cognitive therapy, drug therapy, sound therapy and TMJ treatment. Learn more about the treatment for Tinnitus

Download: Surgery for Hearing Restoration, by Dr. Neil Sperling