Voice Treatment and Therapy NYC - NY Otolaryngology Group

There are many options for voice treatment and therapy especially for professional voice users (singers/actors).

Voice treatment may include:

  • Medicine to target associated medical conditions, and/or
  • Surgery to remove growths in the larynx, and/or
  • Behavioral voice therapy to address muscle tension, breathing patterns, and voice production, including:
    • Exercises for relaxation, breathing patterns, and voice production
    • Counseling regarding voice use at home and work, and food/liquid intake related to voice
    • Communication strategies to compensate for voice

Voice therapy for professional voice users, including singers and actors:

  • Warm-ups and strategies during performance or work
  • Speaking vs. singing technique
  • Safe projection
  • Applying new skills to performances or the work setting
  • Vocal hygiene and voice conservation when necessary

Please see our Professional Voice section for additional information.