Bone Anchored Hearing Aid


I’ve lost hearing in one ear and my ENT mentioned having a small screw-like aid surgically incerted behind the ear that could pick up the sound heard in the other ear.  What is this deviced called?


The device you are asking about is affectionately called a BAHA, or a bone anchored hearing aid.  It is a hearing aid that is placed into the bone behind the ear that hears poorly and brings the sound to your other ear.  It basically gives you back the feeling that you can hear from both ears, but relies on the good ear to hear for both.  It is put in place by a small surgical procedure and is the treatment of choice for those who have a unilateral (one sided) hearing loss.

Dr. Sperling in our New York Hearing and Balance Center is a regional expert on this.

Robert L. Pincus MD