Hoarseness for a Month -- Should I See a Specialist?


I had a cough during the first week of the New Year and I lost my voice for about a week. Since then, I get my voice back very slowly and it had been exactly a month now but I still don’t have my full voice. My current voice sounds like I smoked for that last 30 years (I never smoked) and it faded when I try to raise my voice or say something at a higher pitch. Other than the voice change, I feel no other symptoms, even during my cough.

Is this something I should check with a specialist?


Current guidelines are that anyone with hoarseness that persists for more than three weeks should have an evaluation to find the cause.  Rather than repeating the total discussion here, let me send you to the part of our web site that discusses this problem.

I hope this helps.


Robert Pincus MD

Associate Professor Otolaryngology

NY Voice Center/ NY Sinus Center