Primary Care Doctor or an ENT - NY Otolaryngology Group

Question: I have a lump a at the back of my head – base of skull 2 inches behind my right ear.  History of sinus/ allergy issues. Should I start my primary care doctor or an ENT?

Answer: While we would always be happy to see you here at the NY Sinus Center for any problem related to the ear nose throat or head and neck,(even if you’ve not been referred)  it generally makes sense to see your primary care doctor first, if possible,  for most issues.  He or she can take care of most problems directly- or refer you to the appropriate specialty physician should that be necessary.  For instance, a lump behind your ear like that may be related to a problem with your ear, but can also be from a skin problem with your scalp, an auto-immune problem, such as sarcoidosis, or even arthritis of the neck.  While your ENT doctor can make this determination as well, your family physician should help guide you through what can be a difficult maze of health care options and help co-ordinate your care.

I hope this helps clear things up.

Robert Pincus MD

Co-director NY Sinus Center