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Question: I was diagnosed with a chronic runny nose due to having a small nasal opening for drainage and a deviated septum. Am I a Balloon Sinuplasty candidate?


Balloon sinuplasty is a wonderful new technique for opening the sinuses.  Sinuses are small air filled pockets around the nose that drain into the nose.  If blocked, we can get recurrent infections of the sinuses.  Balloon sinuplasty is a non-surgical technique in which we find the opening of the sinus, thread a small catheter into the opening, and then briefly inflate the balloon- widening the drainage site.  We then remove the balloon.  The results have been excellent with this procedure.  There is no down time and sinuplasty is done in the office with just a local anesthetic.

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Unfortunately, to date, we have not been using balloons to straighten a twisted (or deviated) septum.  The septum is the center wall of the nose, and while it is never straight, a significant bending or twisting can block up the nasal passages or even make one more susceptible to sinus infections.

If the sinuses are sinuses are blocked, then sinuplasty may have a role in your care.

If you’re in the NY area, we’d be happy to evaluate you and determine if you are a good balloon sinuplasty candidate, here at the NY Sinus Center.

I hope this clears things up.

Robert Pincus MD
Co-Director NY Sinus Center