Childhood Nose Injury: Bump in the Nose - Can Anything Be Done?

Question: My three-year-old daughter sustained a childhood nose injury to her by running into my husband’s knee. We did not take her to the ER because after some blood and tears, she seemed fine (she felt pain in the nose only to the touch and felt no pain at all the following day). She had no problems breathing. Three weeks later after the bruising seems to be almost 100 percent gone, I’m noticing a bump on the top (bone) part of her nose. A trip to an ENT today completely devastated me when he told me she probably fractured the bone and the bump may or may not go away. Either way, I was informed, nothing could be done at this point. Do you agree?

Answer: Nasal trauma often can be best addressed within the first few weeks, because the bones are mobile and easier to align. But, we can also address fractures in a delayed fashion, so I would recommend that she be evaluated to see if she would potentially benefit from surgery for the childhood nose injury.  We would be very happy to see her in the office.

Corinne E. Horn, MD