Recalibrate a Hearing Device | Hearing Aids Repair NY

Question: My father purchased a pair of Phonak Solana in China. He really didn’t like how they were calibrated there. Now he is visiting me in New York. I was wondering if one of your doctors could help recalibrate a hearing device.

Answer:  Hearing aids are like fine hearing computers today.   While many can be bought in large stores and other outlets, to get the best results the hearing aid must be finely calibrated to each individual’s hearing.  This is time and labor intensive and takes a hearing specialist who cares and knows about his or her patient and his or her hearing.  Some hearing aids, unfortunately, like the ones at Costco are locked and do not allow outside recalibration.

However, we can certainly service your father and recalibrate a hearing device.  I included our office coordinator/Liz on this email. Please call 1(212) 884-8283 to schedule an adjustment appointment. The audiologist will discuss the office visit fee at the time of your appointment.

Myra Berenson, Au D

Director of NY Hearing Center