Hearing Loss In Children | Hearing Aid Implants NY


I live in India.  My child is three and half year old and is having a  hearing problem in both ears.
His Bera Report Says.
Right Ear -: Profound Hearing Loss
Left Ear -: Moderate Hearing Loss.
So we want to know the details for Cochlear implant in your hospital. Please let us know the procedure and costing to visit your country for this medical need.


Thank you for your question.  As you may have heard, cochlear implantation in deaf children can have a highly successful outcome, but only when careful patient selection and after care takes place.  The first steps will be to accurately diagnose the hearing loss to determine if implantation is right for your child.  When hearing aids are helpful, an implant is usually not recommended.  Cochlear implants can help anyone with profound hearing loss from newborns to octogenarians.

While generally covered by insurance for people from the United States your total cost of care is estimated at 50 -60,000 dollars depending on the length of the after care and audiology programming.  Continuity of the care close to home will be a very important factor.

I hope this clears things up.

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