Why is there crusting in atrophic rhinitis?


Why is there crusting in atrophic rhinitis?


Atrophic rhinitis is a problem in which the nose is unable to function as it should.  The nose and the nasal linings takes the air that we breathe and warms it to 98.6 degrees F and 100 percent humidity, by the time the air reaches the back of the nose.  Sometimes, the lining of the nose can be damaged and lose this function.  The air then tends to be dry and irritating.  This can cause crusting, sinus infections and nose bleeds.

Atrophic rhinitis can be caused by over agressive nasal surgery- especially when the inferior turbinates are removed, medication abuse (too much afrin/neosynephrine, cocaine use and certain infections.

The treatment is difficult and consists of moisturizing the nasal lining.

I would speak to your sinus specialist about your care or visit us here at the NY Sinus Center.

Robert Pincus MD

Co-Director NY Sinus Center