Facial Plastic Surgery NYC | Cosmetic Facial Surgery FAQ

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How do I know if I am ready for facial plastic surgery NYC or minimally invasive treatments?

Facial plastic surgery NYC is appropriate if you have given thoughtful consideration to changes in your appearance. Good health and a motivated patient are other important prerequisites for some surgical interventions

What’s the best age to have cosmetic surgery?

There is no specific age at which facial plastic surgery is appropriate for everyone. Many patients seek cosmetic rejuvenation when they feel that they no longer look like themselves or no longer look as young as they feel. Interventions such as rhinoplasty may be appropriate for younger patients, starting at approximately age 14.

Will I look natural?

The foremost goal of any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is a natural and improved appearance. Dr. Horn listens to your goals and works with you using computer imaging as a visual communication tool to depict realistic surgical outcomes.

What does surgery cost?

The cost of surgery varies by the type of procedure performed. Full disclosure of costs is provided by Dr. Horn’s staff after the consultation, including fees for surgery, the operating room, and anesthesia. Some patients who require a functional surgery may find that it can be combined with a cosmetic procedure at modest out-of-pocket cost.