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NY Sinus Center

The NY Sinus Center takes a comprehensive disease management approach to sinusitis treatment. Its specialists are experts in sinus disease and treatment, and they share the deepest commitment to providing care in a friendly and compassionate environment.

We promote sinus wellness by examining the underlying causes of chronic sinus infection. The human body is extremely adept at fighting disease and injury, and we look to encourage and leverage these natural healing propensities whenever possible. Once we identify the probable causes for a patient’s sinus condition, we then look for how best to treat it. While surgical intervention may ultimately be deemed the best solution for a particular case, at the NY Sinus Center we always consider non-surgical alternatives first.

“We always consider non-surgical alternatives first.”

The New York Otolaryngology Group offers treatment for the full range of otolaryngological (ear, nose and throat) diseases and disorders through this practice and our on-site colleagues at the New York Head & Neck Surgery Center, the New York Hearing & Balance Center, Voice Institute of New York, and the New York Facial Plastics Center.