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Vocal Problem: High pitch

Vocal cord surgery, or Thyroplasty, is offered by the  New York Voice Center.  Dr. Pincus, who learned Thyroplasty surgery from its originator, Dr. Ishiiki, currently is offering surgery to help lower vocal pitch.

Many men and women have voices that they feel are too high and have not responded to therapy.  Generally as we age through puberty, the voice box (larynx) changes its shape, so that the vocal cords become less taught (think of a violin string) and the pitch becomes lower.  If that fails to occur, one can have a higher voice than he or she would like, which can cause problems in work and social interactions.

Thyroplasty for lowering of vocal pitch is an out patient surgical procedure. It involves removing a strip of cartilage from the larynx (voice box). This then allows the vocal cords to become less taught, therefore lowering the pitch.

Thyroplasty Pre and Post Operative Patient Examples

Pre —Operative

 Post — Operative

The following attached audio recording is that of a young man who found that his voice was a problem for him in his job in sales.

Average fundamental frequency

Pre —Operative     158.0

 Post — Operative    86.4