Blocked Tear Duct - Causes and Intervention - NY Sinus Center

Question: My eye has been tearing constantly. I had my tear duct flushed and it isn’t that. Now I have a bump between corner of my eye and bridge of my nose. I went to and eye specialist and he is sending me for a CT to rule out Sinus tumor or Lacminal Tumor. Is this just a blocked tear duct?

Answer: Thanks for your question.  Please realize that this cannot substitute for your own physician’s care and can only be answered in general, not about your specific medical care.

A blocked tear duct (nasal-lacrimal ducts) is quite common- The tear duct carries tears from the inner corner of the eye to the side wall of the nose-   Most often a tear duct blockage is caused by a stricture or narrowing of this tube.   However, the tube can also be blocked by nasal obstruction. From polyps in the nose or significant nasal congestion- and rarely from a growth in the duct system itself.  Your doctor proceded as is recommended- and intervention would be based on what the cause of the obstruction is.   Usually these problems are handled by an ophthalmologist,  although we at the NY Sinus Center take care of such problems when caused by nasal obstruction-  or at times open the nasal lacrimal duct through the nose when indicated.

I would not be scared, as dangerous pathology is unusual- but make sure to follow up on your care.

Robert Pincus MD

NY Sinus Center/ NY Otolaryngology Group