Tracheal Stenosis


We have a patient with post-intubation tracheal stenosis 3cm below glottic level,2cm long segment, Montgommary T-tube inserted.

What further option you have for this patient as definitive procedure?

We can send this patient to you, if better option available in your centre.




First of all, thanks for your note.  We would be happy to see your patient and help in his or her care.  It sounds like the defect does not involve the subglottis, which makes the repair easier.  While there are many options for repair of a tracheal stenosis,  I would likely recommend tracheal resection with end to end anastamosis.  Depending on the patient’s age and habitus, one  may or may not need a tracheal release to afford anastamosis without tension for a 3 cm lesion.  Other options are available for anterior only, soft tissue or longer defects-  such as cartilage grafting, flap reconstruction and mesh staged reconstructions, but are all less ideal and probably not the best intervention in this case.

Robert L. Pincus MD