Hearing Loss NYC | Otosclerosis Treatment Nyc


Many years ago I was diagnosed at Mass Eye and Ear with otosclerosis. I was operated on by Dr. Joseph Nadol. Over the past few years, my hearing has once again diminished and I wonder if its possible to do a revision? Also, my other ear was never been operated on. I am 68 years old, female, and a medical librarian, and my loss of hearing is obviously impinging on my work and life. I would prefer to not have to travel back to Boston…is this something you can help me with?


Thank you for your inquiry regarding your hearing loss. It is often possible to regain excellent hearing with revision stapes surgery. It all depends on the nature of the hearing loss that you have. The first step would be to re-test your hearing. I would be happy to help you if you’d like. You can make an appointment online or by calling our office. Best of luck.

Neil M Sperling, MD

Associate Professor
SUNY Downstate
Brooklyn, NY