Stapedotomy NYC | Procedure For Fereditary Otosclerosis

Question: I am 51 years old with hereditary otosclerosis, diagnosed right after the birth of my 1st son when I was 36. In 2009, scared by the surgery (even though successful for my mom who had the procedure done by Dr Freich, you might know since you seem to give lectures in France) I opted for a hearing aid. It has now reached it’s full capacity and I need to buy a new one. But working as a School Counselor (for the French American Pre-School), listening to kids with multicultural backgrounds is a BIG challenge! And I think I still compensate with lip reading. Is it still possible to get a stapedotomy? Do you speak some French so I could consult you and understand better the pros and cons of such a procedure?

Thank you so much for your opinion/advice.


Hi Floriane,

I would highly recommend a consultation with an experienced stapedotomy surgeon to discuss the pros and cons.  In experienced hands, the surgery is highly successful with a recognized complication rate less than 1%.  In France, the Clinque Causse near Beziers is a world-class facility with some of the most experienced surgeons in the world.

Best of luck.

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