Is there any reason for septicemia in the condition of atrophic rhinitis?



Thank you for your question.   Atrophic rhinitis, also known as ozena, is a condition in which the nasal cavity loses its ability to serve as a filter.  Normally, the air we breathe in should reach 98.6 degrees F and 100 percent humidity by the time it reaches the back of the nose.

Aggressive surgery, or chronic infection, can cause scarring and the loss of the function of the nose.  It can result in crusting, stuffiness, a bad odor and increased risk of infection.  Septicemia (a blood borne infection), while possible, would be quite rare.

Treatment for atrophic rhinitis includes humidification, treatment with ointments and irrigations with a netti pot or nasal flush.

I hope this helps clear things up.

Robert Pincus MD

Co-Director NY Sinus Center