Low-Frequency Hearing Loss: I Became Dizzy and Have Lost My Hearing!

Question: Please help me. On Tuesday, November 4th I decided to sign up to the local gym in my neighborhood and get back in shape. I got there in the morning I had and Omlete and some fresh squeezed OJ at the Cafe, then I started my workout. I was on the elliptical for about 35mins. Then I went upstairs to the weight room. I started using the weight machines, by the time I got to the 3rd machine for Shoulder press, I started getting Dizzy, feeling very hot, and nauseous, I was extremely weak.  I was so dizzy I couldn’t get up to walk. I felt close to passing out. I had to sit there for about 30 mins. When I got outside I started vomiting up breakfast. My ears felt clogged and muffled. I felt so horrible. I finally made it back to my car. I had to lay down in the backseat until the dizziness wore off. It’s now November 25th and my hearing is still not back to normal. Is this low-frequency hearing loss? I still can’t hear any Bass (lows) in my right ear.

Please help me. This is a Disaster for me because I am a musician, that’s what I do for a living.


There are several different problems that can cause dizziness and a hearing loss.  The most common may be a viral infection in the inner ear.  A virus can sometimes go to the nerves in the inner ear, causing dizziness and a hearing loss.  While the dizziness will resolve, often, on its own- the hearing loss may not. Meniere’s Disease is recurrent episodes of dizziness, hearing loss and a sense of fullness in the ears.  This may be consistent with the first episode of Meniere’s, but generally, the dizziness will last for a much longer time.

One can have a rupture of a membrane in the inner ear.  This often will be accompanied by a popping sound, but usually will be caused by trauma or certainly can occur from strenuous exercise. There are also several other less common causes of your symptoms.

However, it is really quite important that you have your ears evaluated as soon as possible.  If you have had damage to the hearing nerve, then the sooner it is treated, the better chance one has of getting the hearing back to normal.

I hope this helps clear things up.


Robert Pincus MD

NY Otolaryngology Group