Salty Post Nasal Drip with Headaches After Surgery | CSF Leak Headache

For nearly 3 years I have been getting salty post nasal drip with headaches. I had a CT scan of my sinuses which showed only mild to moderate mucosal thickening. I had FESS bilateral unicectomies, middle meatal anthrostomies and anterior ethmoidectomies.

I wish I never had the surgery done, the salty drainage is so bad, I’m constantly coughing in tissues and have a constant high-pitched ringing in my ears. I have really bad anxiety and depression since the operation. I feel so ill everyday. I’m 22 year old female and it’s ruining my life.

I think I might have a csf leak. Had beta 2 transferrin test, which came back negative. I coughed the fluid from the back, I dont get any out the front of my nose. My recent CT scan doesn’t show any evidence of a leak. Been tested for allergies and am not allergic to anything.

What can I do? Thank you.

CSF Leak HeadacheThanks for your note.
It is really hard to let you know without a complete examination, and it sounds like you have been cared for appropriately without the results one would really hope for or expect.
I definitely would suggest further evaluation for csf leak or increased intracranial pressure.
Any medications you are taking need to be looked at. At the NY Sinus Center, we would also look whether there is Gastro esophageal reflux as high as your sinuses causing these symptoms, usually by Restek pH monitoring in the nasal cavities.
Unfortunately, very often sinus problems are complex, rather than straightforward, and treatment really requires understanding the cause of one’s problems.
Robert Pincus MD
Co-director NY Sinus Center
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