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Question Pitch Lowering Surgery I am a 38 year-old male with a high-pitched voice, especially over the phone. I found out about you while searching for answers to fixing high pitched voice for men. I saw on your website your replied to a 19 year-old man with a high-pitched voice suggesting Pitch Lowering Surgery.

I live in California and went to a speech therapist, and they told me my voice can be fixed with the surgery. When I went to an ENT doctor he mentioned that my vocal cords seem normal. He said I just have to live with the high-pitched voice and surgery can damage my voice.

But I was somewhat relieved when I found you can fix this.

I wanted to ask you if I can be a candidate for Laryngeal Frame Work Surgery and if there are any risks associated with it ?

Also, I was not able to find out any doctor in California that performs this kind of surgery. Would you know any doctor here in California who is good at performing this surgery ? If not, then I don’t mind coming  to NY for this surgery. Thank you.


It sounds like you would be a candidate for the pitch lowering surgery. We do recommend evaluation first by a speech therapist with testing of your vocal frequency (natural pitch).

Laryngeal framework surgery is done with local anesthesia as an outpatient.

It involves removing one or two strips of cartilage from the larynx or voice box and allows the vocal folds to relax thereby lowering the pitch.

Certainly, any surgery has risks, and these include that of having a breathy or weaker voice among other unlikely problems. But these should be discussed further with your surgeon time when it’s time to have the procedure done.

I am unsure who does surgery on the west coast. However, I would speak to someone who specializes in laryngology or voice problems rather than a general ear nose and throat physician.

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I hope this helps clear things up.

Robert Pincus MD