Sinus Drip: Post Nasal Drip and Dry Mouth Symptoms

Question: Lately, I have been suffering from sinus drip and a dry mouth. I have a leaking in my sinuses which runs down the back of my throat. As a result, my saliva is very thick, which leaves my mouth dry, all day every day. I drink a sufficient amount of water daily to combat this. However, its been to no avail, as my breath stinks all day. Constant brushing does nothing to help my bad breath.

What can I do to improve my symptoms? Please advise.
Thank You.
Sinus drip or post-nasal drip syndrome stems from nose and sinus problems and can cause some unpleasant symptoms to occur, such as halitosis, coughing, as well as a blocked or runny nose. To help rid you of this condition, pinpointing the cause of your sinus drip is necessary. Several conditions can cause post-nasal drip, including sinusitis, hay fever, upper airway cough syndrome, and rhinitis.
While self-care and home remedies will not treat your condition, they can help improve and manage your symptoms, no matter the underlying cause. While you are experiencing post-nasal drip syndrome, be sure to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids, which will help thin mucus secretions. Just stay away from caffeine and alcohol, they can dehydrate you and make your symptoms worse. You can also wash out the nasal passages with a neti pot or a saline nasal spray to help thin out mucus, as well as flush out irritants and allergens. Just make sure you don’t use this method too much, as it could have the opposite effects of what you are going for.
If you are still experiencing sinus drip and a dry mouth, I would advise a consultation with an ENT specialist. You could have a sinus infection and or silent acid reflux, and these symptoms will not go away until you get the underlying problem corrected. The treatment methods and medications used will vary depending on the underlying cause of your sinus drip, so make sure you see a doctor if your condition still hasn’t improved.
I hope this clears things up for you.
Scott D. Gold MD

NY Sinus Center

NY Otolaryngology Group