The New York Otolaryngology Group (NYOG) Go Live With SurgiMate - The New York Otolaryngology Group

NYOG selects SurgiMate ESRM to complement their Greenway EHR system

SurgiMateSurgiMate, the market leader in surgical management solutions, applauds The New York Otolaryngology Group (NYOG) for going live with SurgiMate ESRM earlier this week.

The eight surgeons at NYOG are renowned as “The Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists” in New York and have been recognized among New York City’s foremost doctors within their fields of specialization.

Marilyn Plomann, Practice Administrator, explained why NYOG chose SurgiMate. “Greenway PrimeSuite, our EHR, did not have any functionality to support our surgical scheduling workflow,” said Plomann, “SurgiMate ESRM will complete those tasks and complement our EHR.”

With surgeons consulting patients at four different office locations, a lot of paperwork had to be manually transferred between offices. “Even after we had implemented our EHR, there was paperwork all over the place,” said Plomann, “it was not an efficient way to manage a business!”

SurgiMate ESRM will automate every step of the surgical scheduling process at NYOG, and streamline their workflow. There will now be one central location where all information surrounding surgical scheduling is stored and readily accessed.

“SurgiMate will definitely improve our communication,” explained Plomann, “The surgeons will easily be able to find out the status of each surgery, and our billing and scheduling departments will now be able to transfer information electronically.”

From the schedulers’ perspective, productivity will increase considerably since all paperwork will be generated automatically, and insurance authorizations will be tracked electronically. “We will be able to identify the status of an authorization with a few clicks,” explained Maggie Sachson, surgical scheduler. “SurgiMate will definitely help things run more smoothly.”

“We are delighted to welcome NYOG to the SurgiMate network,” said Justin Rockman of SurgiMate. “SurgiMate is excited to expand our customer base to include one of New York’s leading Otolaryngology practices. SurgiMate is a winning solution for any surgical practice in any specialty. We look forward to working with NYOG to help improve their operational efficiency and maximize their surgical revenue.”

“We are really excited about SurgiMate” added Plomann, “and we are looking forward to seeing how SugiMate will change our office!”