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I have dizziness and eye pressure. Do I have vertigo?

Question: I am a previous patient of Dr. Krevitt (saw him back in September 2011) and would like to know if I should come in and see you guys. I started having the following symptoms about two weeks ago: dizziness, unsteady feeling, eye pressure, headaches, neck pain, and high blood pressure. I went to my primary care physician who had me do follow up EKG and echocardiogram – both of which were completely normal. I am supposed to go in for an MRI on Monday, but I’m not sure what exactly the doctor is looking for. At this point, all symptoms have subsided with the exception of the dizziness and eye pressure, and it goes away when I am sitting down. Seems to be pronounced when I am looking up, or in bright lights. Would it be best to come into your office prior to the MRI? I’ve never had vertigo, but wonder if that is what I’m experiencing? Do I have vertigo?


There are many possible causes of your symptoms, including problems with the inner ear. It sounds like your primary care physician has been doing the right thing- but it certainly would make sense to have a thorough ENT examination. Dr. Krevitt would be a great place to start, but you might consider seeing Dr. Neil Sperling, one of our partners. Neil is a Neuro-otologist, who sub-specializes in dizziness and the inner ear. He would likely suggest an MRI of the inner ear at this time.  If that is what you are scheduled for, it is probably OK to see him before or after the films.  If after, see if you can bring a copy of the films or disc with you.

I hope this helps clear things up.

Robert Pincus MD, FACS
NY Otolaryngology Group- NY Voice Center
Associate Professor Otolaryngology NYMedical College



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